OLA bookshop and Publisher is a value added service provider of Vidura College, an independent national Buddhist school specialized in English Medium Education in Sri Lanka. Vidura College has set a benchmark in Sri Lankan education field being the first institute to teach national curriculum in English medium and the pioneering private institute to actively promote and uphold the Sinhala Buddhist culture and cultural values.

Similarly, as the value added service provider, OLA is steering away from the traditional profit motive business model to be an active partner in the education and the development of the students, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

Today the younger generation is devoured by the technology, tuition and many other “necessary evils”. As a result, the students have departed from the habit of reading quality books. We at OLA strive to make a positive ripple in the society by fostering the love for books and thereby to the reading.

Also, we have paid extra attention to the selection of fiction and nonfiction books interesting and suitable for the students. Under the leadership and guidance of Vidura College, OLA has selected the best books covering a wide range of topics & the books of both national and international authors.

Further, with visionary leadership of Vidura College, we have implemented special programmes especially for primary students to foster their love for books, reading and learning during their formative years. We believe this would help them to be well-rounded and expand their horizons beyond the scope of the curriculum.

Apart from these, OLA offers complete stationery solutions under one roof. Selected carefully for quality and reliability, all the stationery and other related materials fulfil all the stationery and other essential needs of the students and their families. We have selected the manufacturers and suppliers for their quality, and cost—effective strategies. This has helped  OLA to offer the items to a competitive price for the valued customers.

Bearing this aim, the bookshop has implemented several schemes in partnership with Vidura College.
The atmosphere and the environment of the bookshop is designed and arranged in such a way to inspire and nurture the children to explore and rekindle their natural curiosity.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred and trusted choice of parents and students for educational resources

Our Mission

To facilitate the education of the students by sourcing the best quality educational and stationery materials

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OLA seek partnership at all level to render the best possible values for all the partners. Its primary partnership is with the parents and the students to be an active partner of their education by sourcing the books and education resources for the goal.
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As an integrated entity of Vidura College OLA bookshop operates under the guidance of the visionary leadership of Vidura College. Thus, OLA views it as our duty to safeguard and promote the Sinhala Buddhist culture via the operations. And it is also a growing need to integrate the new trends and technology carefully to adopt successfully to the changing world.
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Operating under the leadership of Vidura College, OLA is determined to lead the industry by deviating from the traditional profit-motivated bookshop model to be a shaper of the younger generation by sourcing the quality books and aiding their education with the provision of stationery.
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OLA bookshop is strongly guided by the Sinhala Buddhist values and morality. As a result, OLA has steered away from meeting financial goals at any cost to be a value provider for the community. All activities are done in accordance to the set of values and a code of conduct.
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OLA maintains a strong standard for quality of its products. OLA has chosen the reputed national and international suppliers and manufacturers for its products and reviews and monitors the quality with the feedback from the customers. OLA takes careful consideration to choose the stationery and other materials that are safe for the health of the students.
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Continuous Improvement
We have realized the need to stay current and adopt the new trends and technologies conscious in order to sustain a long term success of the modern business landscape. For this we are dedicated to regularly updating the books and integrate the modern educational materials that suit the core values of the main entity.